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Label Circus Set of 2 Pens

Made exclusively for us and designed by our amazing team of creative artists this set of chubby and delicious pens are here to bring joy to all stationery lovers.

If you love to write with cute and sassy instruments, this set is for you. Our exclusive set of pens includes two beautiful designs, one part of our Birdie Collection of Journals and weekly planners and the other is designed with beautiful quirky hand drawn flowers. 

If you love them so much that you want to use them forever, no problem! The ink cartridge is rechargable that means once the ink is out you can get a replacement at any office supply store and voila! You're back to using your favorite pen.

The ink is black and the point is fine. It glides beautifully on any kind of paper and it can be a cute gift for friends, kids, family or coworkers.

Included in set:

2  (1 Tweet and 1 Quirky Floral Pen) 

Size: 5 inches tall by 0.5 inch wide

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