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Personalized Luggage Tag

Summer travel season is almost here! Get ready for your annual vacation with a stylish, personalized luggage tag. You can include your email address or cell number on the reverse side or just leave it blank. Either way you can be sure no one will mistake it for their own on the baggage carousel.

What You’ll Need:
Mom Contact Card 1
• self-adhesive laminating sheets
• exacto knife and straight edge or a pair of scissors
• hole punch
• white satin ribbon


Step 1. Cut two pieces of self-adhesive laminate that are at least 2 inches bigger than your Mom Contact Card.

Step 2. Place your Mom Contact Card face down on the sticky side of one of the sheets, centering it as best you can.

Step 3. If you wish, write your contact information on the reverse side. Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before proceeding to Step 4.

Step 4. Take the second sheet of laminate and place it sticky side down, centering it as best you can.

Step 5. Smooth down the laminate on both sides with your thumb. (But don’t use your nail or you may scratch the surface.)

Step 6. Trim away the excess laminate leaving a ¼ inch border around all sides.

Step 7. Punch a hole at the top of the tag.

Step 8. Thread your ribbon through the hole and tie the tag to the handle of your luggage.

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