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Stylish Textbook Covers

Everyone knows the classic grocery bag method for covering schoolbooks. It’s convenient, it’s easy but it can be a little blah. It doesn’t take much for your child to elevate their book covers from so-so to super cute. Start by putting their personal stamp on their books by choosing a custom name label. We have everything from sweet floral designs, to edgier skulls, and lots of great sports designs too.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect label, look at the colors and patterns in the design. At your local craft shop you’ll be able to find all kinds of fun paper to coordinate with the custom label. (Here’s a hint: wrapping paper works too!) Once the book is covered with a paper bag then they can play with the placement of the decorative paper and label. Should it be a belly band down the center? A fun overlay covering the spine? Diagonal stripes? The combinations are endless and sure to produce a look that’s uniquely their own.

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