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Halloween Broomstick Treat Bags

Here’s a fun twist on the standard party favor bag. A witch’s broomstick will make a festive accent to your Halloween party decorations.

What You’ll Need:
2 brown paper lunch bags
• scissors
• ribbon
• hole puncher
personalized Halloween label
• white cardstock
• stick
• treats or favors of your choice

Step 1. Cut thin vertical strips that end one inch from the bottom on one of the paper bags. One the other bag, cut vertical strips that are only 4 inches long from the top.

Step 2. Place the bag with the shorter strips inside the bag with the longer strips.

Step 3. Fill the inside bag with the treats of your choice. Once it’s filled, place your stick inside the bag.

Step 4. Gather up with long stripes of the outer bag and secure them with your ribbon (but don’t double knot it or tie it into a bow yet). Be sure to leave about 3 inches at the top.

Step 5. Attach your label to a sheet of white cardstock and trim the edges. Punch a hole at the top center. Thread your label onto the ribbon and then knot it a second time or tie it into a bow.

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