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Tips on Handling Stress Levels Corona during Coronavirus


Tips on Handling Stress Levels during Coronavirus times

Dear News from Label Circus

Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak we wanted to let you know that you are not alone, we feel you, and whether this may seem the scariest pandemic in the new world, this too shall pass.

We also know that watching the news and the statistics increasing on the disease gives no inner peace. We know you are receiving many emails regarding policies, procedures and even temporary shutdowns of your favorite places to visit and unwind. We know that being home with the kids can sometimes be stressful and out of the routine, and that you wish to get your life back into place and move on. Instead of seeing the glass half empty, let’s try to see it half full and let these new situations play in favor of our wellbeing.

For that reason, we decided to put together some tips to make the best of this unprecedented situation.

-Read: Finish that book on your nightstand. 
Focus on thinking that this will eventually be over and you will resume your life soon. Take advantage of the extra hours in your day and grab that book you haven’t been able to finish now that you have the time.

-Meditate: It’s amazing the peace of mind that can be achieved by meditating 15 minutes each day. There are plenty of apps and meditation walkthrough tutorials that can guide you through the process of meditating, even if you have never done it before.

-Cook: Try that recipe that you have always wished to experiment with and never really had the time. Now you can simmer, boil and even let rise with no rush. Enjoy every minute of it.

-Play: Organize a game night once or twice a week with the kids. Plan on playing a few games each night that everyone can enjoy despite their age. You will not believe how they will treasure and cherish those moments of family fun. 

-Pray: It’s nice how speaking from the heart before going to bed helps release anxiety and gives peace of mind. Everything will work out fine.

-Be grateful: Grab a journal and dedicate a page to writing 5 things you are thankful for the day. That delicious cup of coffee you had while the kids were still asleep, the call that you received from your best friend living abroad, the delicious smell of the basil growing in the garden.

We hope our tips can help you feel more positive about these changes that will soon be in the past and let you take advantage of seeing the world from a slower perspective because, at the end of the day, we always complain about not having time. Now that we have it, let's use it in our favor.

We have attached our  "Everything will be All Right Card" for you to download for free and print at home.  Send out to family and friends that need heartwarming messages in their mailbox.

Wishing you well,

Your friends at Label Circus

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