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3 Reasons why you Need Microfiber Towels this Summer

personalized ballerina microfiber beach towel

This summer is special. It just is... after a long year of quarantining, this summer calls to be outside and to have some well-deserved fun under the sun enjoying outdoor activities, grilling, and roasting s'mores under the stars. We are pretty excited to pack our bathing suits, sunblock, and personalized microfiber beach towels and head out to find new adventures under the sun. 

We love personalized microfiber beach towels because they are compact to pack, dry super fast under the sun, and can be multipurpose and used in many different settings. 

We are looking forward to going to the beach and having our dose of vitamin "sea"...but packing to spend the day outside can be tricky, especially if you have 2 or 3 kids. That's why we love the idea of packing light. Microfiber towels are very light on weight but extremely powerful to absorb water, and they can make packing for 3 a breeze. No more bulky or heavy beach bags, please!

During summer days, kids love to go in and out of the water, so having a towel that dries fast under the sun is very convenient, especially when you have little ones and want to avoid catching a cold that can potentially ruin the fun.

The best part of our microfiber towels is that when you are not taking them to the beach, summer camp, pool party, sleepovers at Grandma's you can even use them as a picnic blanket in the park. 

The cherry on top? All the cute microfiber tower designs we offer are personalized with the name of your choosing to make your life easier during packing, laundry, or closet organizing. Plus, the kids can choose their style and they'll be delighted to have that one item that is theirs only because it has their name on it.

Check out our collection of personalized microfiber towels here. There is a style for everyone.

Happy Summer!

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