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Put together a Gift that Teachers will LOVE!

Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017!  

Have you found the perfect gift for the important teachers in your life?

 Instead of sending your child to school with a gift that says, “I grabbed this last minute,” put together a thoughtful basket of personalized items they will love to use.

-Teachers love heartfelt cards from their students. Many save them to read again on hard days. Have your child make a card, that you can both write a sweet note in.

-Choose a cute basket, or even better, a fun tote they can re-use in the classroom.

-Add a personalized journal, like our Travel Journal with a wish for grand adventures over the summer, or our Aqua and Pink Journal and a reminder to keep dreaming big. Also, our blank planners are great to sketch, doodle, plan, and even scrapbook. Check out the Navy Plaid Planner (shown on image), we'll sure it's quality and versatility we'll make it a teacher's favorite.

-Fill a personalized mug with their favorite candy or a coffee gift card. If you don’t know what their favorite is, ask your child! They’ve probably seen their teacher sneak one!

-Include a Mini Notebook and a matching pen. Write an encouraging quote or message on a few scattered pages so they find them throughout the year.

-And don’t forget Personalized Cards Folded Cards! Teachers are natural encouragers, and often write notes to students or other teachers throughout the year.

Put the finishing touch on the basket by wrapping the whole thing in cellophane, tying it with a beautiful bow, and placing a gift label on the packaging.

I guarantee your teacher will feel loved, encouraged, and strengthened to finish the year strong!



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