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5 Cute Products to show your love for sprinkles

Sprinkles are those things that are hard not to love. They are fun, colorful and make you happy just by looking at them.

Because we love them, we have created a few products that will uplift your spirit and make you want to grab a delicious cupcake topped with sprinkles.

Sprinkles Luggage Tag: Specially designed for the travel lover our sturdy 4" round bag tag is ideal to identify your luggage and bags from the others. Make your luggage fun and make your name shine with this unique personalized travel tag.


Sprinkles Everyday Labels: Our multisized pack comes with 80 Sprinkles Everyday labels. Ideal for identifying hard surfaced personal items like lunch containers, cosmetics, gym stuff, sports equipment, books, shoes, etc. They are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. They are durable and hard to destroy. The downside? It's very hard to live without them once you run out.

Sprinkles Personalized Pillow Cover: Sprinkles lovers rejoice! This cool and cute personalized pillow cover is here to jazz up that home office or reading nook that screams more color and fun. Use it to spark a bedroom as a throw pillow or even to mix and match with other colorful decorating items to create a unique space.


Sprinkles Notebook: Back to school can never be more colorful with our unique pink covered Sprinkles Notebook. Personalize it with your name and show off a notebook that you will not find in the office supplies store. Our notebook is made out of strong laminated material and the resistant printed cover is wide ruled and has 50 lined pages.

Sprinkles Weekly Planner: Your days can be organized and goals achieved in this sweet, fun and easy to fill sprinkles planner. This personalized weekly planner carries the right amount of information for you to fill and follow in a simple, yet structured way. Use it for work, school homework or even house chores and errands.

I hope these ideas encourage to add more sprinkles to your life and make it happier every day.

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