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Weekly Planners that can help with your Homework Battles

We all know the struggles that back to school comes with for parents and kids. Keeping up with assignments, being aware of due dates and deadlines, and all the stress that parents go through to help our kids complete their academic to-do’s.

Many times our kids don’t turn in assignments on time. For parents, it’s a big responsibility and it takes a toll on our stress levels.

We took the time to analyze this behavior based on our own kid’s case study and realized that with so many channels of information coming to them daily, they don’t efficiently keep track of their assignments, therefore failing to turn them in on time and consequently getting a bad grade.

For that reason, we designed a weekly homework planner that lets them look at their assignments at a glance so that they can prepare properly to work on their assignments and turn them in on time. 

Another benefit of the planner is that it increases productivity by encouraging the child to plan ahead and organize their workload. When kids are younger, putting these systems together can be a great start to have them get used to it and apply it to higher grades when they will need it the most.

We have created many different designs thinking of your child’s interests.  

Check out the different styles of weekly planners here

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