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Make your own Halloween Treat Boxes

personalized halloween treat bags for partiesHalloween is around the corner and even though this one looks kind of unusual, there are always times when reinventing is a good idea.

Why not create personalized treat boxes and have fun in the middle? You can set-up a nice table with Halloween treats and candy for your little ones or have a few family members over for an intimate celebration to avoid big crowds but still celebrate this spooky and fun holiday.

To make the personalized boxes you will need:

-Any solid colored box (we bought these at the Container Store but we are sure you can find many other boxes in the Dollar Tree or Target)

-Washi Tape that matches the box. We like to use halloween colors like orange, blacks and purple.

-Personalized labels with your family's name or if you're hosting a party you can personalize with the child's name. For these boxes we used the Flying Witch Label but you can choose from many other Halloween Labels here.


First assemble the boxes, then align the washi tape to the bottom border of the box and gently go around it. It's oh to to the front side of the box only.

Stick label in the middle. Fill you boxes with spooky themed candy. Add little toys like googly eyes, skeleton erasers and spider rings.

Enjoy! Happy Crafting and happy Halloween.



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