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DIY Easy Oreo Elf Shoes

DIY Elf Oreo ShoesThe holidays are the best time of the year to craft and make creative gifts to surprise friends and family.

Here's a fun project to do with the whole family!

You will be happy to see the final result. Did we mention that kids love Oreo Elf Shoes? 

This is what you'll need for one pair of Elf Shoes:


1 pack of Limited Edition Holiday Oreos

2 clear bags 

thin string to tie up bags

Regular Tape

2 Double Stick Tape

Elf template (click to get it here)

Personalized Elf Stringed Gift Tag

2 Red pompons

1 sheet of Green Construction paper

Flat 1/2 inch wide holiday ribbon



Step 1.

Print Elf shoes template from here.

Step 2

Cut the pattern and trace it on the green construction paper. Cut out the shoes from the traced paper. Set aside.

Step 3

Stack 6 Oreos (you can use more if your bags are taller). Use tape to make the bag wrap around de Oreos. Tie the thin string to the top of the Oreo bag.

Step 4 

Put double stick tape around the  inner edge of each of the elf  shoe. Center your packaged stack of Oreos over the taped show. Line up the edges of the boot and stick them together. Tape small open areas that might need touch ups.

Step 5

Glue pompon on the tip of the shoe with the hot glue gun.

Step 6 

Attach Personalized Elf Stringed Gift Tag. 

Repeat process for each shoe.

Note: You can use the other template on the printable as an ornament to decorate  the shoe instead of using the ribbon we used . Just trace it over another color of construction paper or  holiday scrapbook paper (polka dot, plaid etc), cut and apply on the shoe border just as we did with the ribbon.



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