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Halloween Party Poppers

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, the poppers make a great favor. They are easy to assemble and you can fill them with any type of candy or small toy.

What You’ll Need:
paper towel or toilet paper cardboard tube
• tissue paper
• ribbon
• patterned paper measuring 3"x6"
personalized Halloween label
• scissors
• 2 kinds of tape: clear and double-sided
• treats of your choice


Step 1. If you’re using paper towel tubes cut them down to the size of a toilet paper tube (approximately 4 inches.)

Step 2. Fold a sheet of tissue paper so that it’s 5 inches wider than the cardboard tube. Secure one end of the tissue paper to the tube with a small piece of tape. Roll the tube in the tissue paper until you get to the other end. Secure the other end with a piece of tape that runs just the length of the tube.

Step 3. Twist the edge of one side and fasten it with a ribbon. Fill the tube with the treats of your choice and the twist the edge of the opposite side.

Step 4. Cover the back side of your patterned paper with double-sided tape. Center it on the tube where the tissue paper seam is. Slowly roll the patterned paper around the tube, smoothing it down as you go.

Step 5. Lastly place your Halloween label in the center of the patterned paper.

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