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Cute an Easy Personalized Hanging Tags for your Gifts


DIY HOLIDAY HANGING GIFT TAGSWould you like to make your own unique gift tags and have fun in the process?

First of all, let me clarify, you don't need to feel intimidated if you're not much of a crafty person. Even your kids might be able to help out and feel excited about it!

This little project is easy, simple and quick. First of all select your very own round  personalized seasonal labels . Personalize with your name or your family name. 

Before making your label selection, think about the use you want to give them, perhaps gift tags, tree decorations or both?

For this specific project, I got some ornament hanging tags at Michaels for $4.99. Pack brings about 21 units. 

Make sure that you are ordering the correct size of personalized labels for the size of tags you bought. The one I used for this project was 2 inch round.

Simply stick the label on the center of the solid gift tag. Try to center them before sticking them, and remember not to cover the hole for the string with the label.

Find a thin piece of colored string or baker's twine. Nowadays, you can find some cute and fancy ones everywhere. I bought mine at the dollar section at Target. 

Ask your kids to help you inserting the string through the little hole of the ornament, if you have younger children  it will be a great exercise for their fine motor skills.

Make a little knot and cut off the extra string at the end of the bow.

Use them for your gifts, your baked goods, decorating your tree or even hang them to a bottle of wine to give out  to your friends. You can also make a very special garland.

Happy Holidays!

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