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DIY Easter Bunny Treat Bag with FREE Downloadable Template

DIY Easter Bunny Treat BagWhy put your candy in a regular treat bag when you can easily turn it into a 3D Easter Bunny?

What You’ll Need:
two kraft treat bags
• scissors
• pencil
• 3 inch circular label
• pink paper
• dark brown paper
• hole punch
• glue stick
• thin black marker
• clear tape

Step 1. Fold the top of you treat bag forward so there is a 2 ½ inch flap.

Step 2. Using the fold line as a guide, cut off the top 2 ½ inches from the sides and front of the bag.

Step 3. On the inside of the back flap lightly draw a half circle. Cut along your pencil line and fold forward. This will create the bunny’s face.

Step 4. With the face folded forward, attach your label to the center of the bag.

Step 5. Download the template below and use it to cut out the bunny’s ears, nose, and arms. Use the second treat bag to make the outer ears and the arms. Use the pink paper to make the inner ears and nose.

Step 6. Use a hole punch on brown paper to make two little eyes for your bunny. Cut very thin strips of brown paper to make the whiskers.

Step 7. Using a glue stick attach the inner ear to the outer ear. Then glue the outer ear to the backside of the bag. Next glue the eyes, nose, whiskers, and arms as shown in the photo above. Draw in the claws with black marker

Step 8. Fill your bag with treats and close it by placing a loop of tape under the bunny’s face.

Get the FREE template below!

bunny template

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