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Easy DIY Halloween Favor Bags

 It's funny how many people come to my kids' parties and think I spend all this time planning and setting up . They always give me that look...while possibly labeling me as the "Pinterest Mom" in the back of their minds... and end up saying: "you have plenty of time, that's how you can pull this off."

As a mother of 3 boys... yes THREE BOYS, I've always set goals to get my things done fast and efficiently as time can be a luxury in our household. So, every time it's party time around here I like to find easy ways to make the party special and cute without breaking the bank or investing too many hours of my precious time.

I put together these Halloween favors to show how you can produce great favors in little time and leave your guests wowed and your friends thinking you have plenty of time , even though you and I know you don't ;)

You will need:

Polka Dot bags(I bought mine at The Container Store)


Personalized Halloween Label

Candy to fill them up ( candy corn is perfect)

Washi Tape 

Assemble bags carefully if required, fill it up with candy and close it up.

Place a piece of washi tape horizontally in bag and fold in the edges or trim them out.

Position Halloween Label on top of washi, and center it to the bag edges.

Voila! Call your friends and invite them over!

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