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Mastering Back to School Supplies


Remember last August?

You carefully went down the list of back to school supplies.
2 dozen pencils. Check.
1 backpack. Check.
1 pencil holder. Check.

2 Highlighters. Check.

On and on the list went as you selected each item for each child, choosing their favorite colors, and thinking about all the learning these supplies would create.

Remember last September?

“Mom! I can’t find a pencil.”
“Where are the 24 pencils I bought you?”
“Well, Tommy borrowed one, and I then I dropped my pencil box and I think Jordan picked some up. But he didn’t admit it. Oh, and I accidentally brought Landon’s backpack home, so I can’t do my homework.”

Back to school supplies shopping doesn’t have to be this frustrating.

Label Circus to the rescue!

Help your kiddo find their backpack every single day with these tags. We’ve got trendy designs for girls right here, and fun boy designs here (but we think girls can like superheroes too!).

Label everything with these waterproof labels. They’re dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, so even your kiddo can’t ruin them. Label their lunchboxes, food containers, pencil boxes, and anything else that might not make it home otherwise.

And label the pencils. All the pencils. Label the highlighters, the pens, the colored pencils, and the erasers. One label will save you 10 trips to Target when there are no more back to school sales and the pencils you paid $.99 for in August are now $6.99.

Choosing personalized notebooks this year will not only keep them from getting lost, but also inspire creativity.

And a personalized clipboard makes homework on the go (or on their bed) neater, simpler, and more likely to get done.

Start this year off on the right foot with Label Circus’ line of back to school items.

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