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What to bring to sleepaway camp to avoid feeling homesick

That’s a wrap! The school year is almost over and summer is here!

You know what that means- slumber parties and sleep away camps!

Over at Label Circus we are totally in love with the personalized pillowcases right now! These were designed by a mom with mom sensibilities!

Our personalized pillowcases are no brainers for summer camps! At camp you have to pack your children’s bedding, so why not do it for them in style? With a personalized pillow case, your camper will have their own-unique-to-them little space! This is a great way to make your child’s bunk feel special. Not to mention, it’s a practical way for them to actually getting home with their own stuff! Send your kid with generic white sheets and pillowcases and everything will get mixed up!

We know that kids have a way of forgetting things even with us around! How often do they leave an article of clothing, a toy, a book etc at a friend’s house? Oh, you know almost every time they go!

The problem with leaving their pillow is most of the time they don’t even notice before bedtime!

Having a personalized pillowcase really helps with this problem. It alerts other adults to who the pillow belongs to and let’s be honest they are also just really cute! What kid doesn’t want a pillow that shows their personality?

These are our go-to birthday gifts! It’s practical (which parents will thank you for) and kids love having a gift that’s unique to them.

There’s a pillowcase for every style!

We’ve got the classic Gingham Pillowcase that works great with traditional room decor and grows with the child as they get older.

Flowers Pillowcase also grows with girls, because it’s sweet enough to have as a toddler but sophisticated enough to go through grade school.

The Fish Colony Pillowcase is one of our top picks for birthday gifts for boys! It’s colorful and fun! This one is great for camp since it stands out! On the same note, we love to give the super sweet Donut Pillowcase away to birthday girls!

If you are looking for a pillowcase style for an older child going away to sport’s camp, we recommend the Varsity Pillowcase.

Are you a soccer mom? Then you have to grab one of these for you goal scoring soccer boy or girl!

Finally, we love to giveaway pillowcases as a baby shower gift or a first birthday gift! The truth is you can have too many onesies and plastic toys, so sometimes it’s more meaningful to have something for their room that they can grow into. We love these for baby shower gifts: Teddy Bear Pillowcase, Birdie Too Pillowcase, or the Gingham Pillowcase.

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