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5 Mother’s Day Gifts That Moms Really Want

Mother’s Day will be here before we know and it’s the perfect time to tell the moms in our lives how much we love them. But before you go pick out another mug or flowers, consider getting something that will make her happy throughout the year.

Moms love productivity. Demands on mothers can seem endless at times, so crossing things off a list and calling it “done” is huge for moms!

Show her that you are grateful for all she does and you want to make it more enjoyable.

Take it up a notch from Kathleen Kelly from You’ve Got Mail, and send your mom a bouquet of personalized pens complete with planners, and notepads!

“Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

Here are our favorites:

The Betsy Planner
That’s why our hardcover Betsy planers are one of our top picks for a Mother’s Day gift! They are beautiful and personalized. The hardcover planners show that you took time and got a gift just for her!! Pick a couple of pages and write a little note to encourage her throughout the year.

Personalized Note Pads
Get her a personalized notepad to keep in the kitchen for all the notes she jots down. These are great for sending notes to school asking moms for playdates or corresponding with teachers!  Be sure to write a note in there telling her why you are grateful for her.

Label Circus Pens
Your bouquet of office supplies certainly won’t be complete without pens! Ger her two pens made in Europe with the finest craftsmanship. These pens truly are a work of art. They are fun and will last her forever. You can refill the ink cartridge!

Super Mom Planner
Grab her this super mom planner and be sure to let her know why you really do think she’s Super Mom. Customers love the Super Mom planner for scheduling family activities, after school sports, and all the other appointments. This planner helps Super Moms stay sane!

Mini Notebook
Get her this mini notebook to carry in her purse to keep track of all the things she keeps track of! She will love the style and practicality of having it. 

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