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The One Thing You Are Not Doing That Will Save Your Sanity and Your Money

Personalized kids labels for shoes, books, sports equipment, lunchbox, lunch containers“Hey, Mom! Have you seen my green folder?”

How many “Hey Mom! Have you seen my…” do you get a day? A week? A month?

You know what I am going to go out a limb and guess you get this question more than anyone else in the house and even from your husband!

The truth is moms have some kind of sixth sense about where things are and tend to have a knack for finding them. But let’s be honest even if you can track down something that’s missing, do you really want to spend the time doing it?

I am embarrassed by how many sippy cups I replaced during the toddler years. Well, truthfully it wasn’t just sippy cups. It’s anything we’d leave behind in the shuffle of trying to keep everyone alive and happy.

And that right there was when I had my, “Aha! Moment!” Maybe I didn’t need to rework the system or suddenly become that much more together. Maybe I just needed to tweak one thing: I needed to start labeling our stuff instead of buying new stuff.

Nine times out of ten, when people know something is yours then they will put it up and get it back to you. Labeling things keep items from going into the Lost and Found and never making it back into your hands again.

The good news is you can do this in style! If I am going to do a monotonous task, I want to make it fun with cute supplies. I know I am not alone here! Anyone else geek out over school supplies?!  You know what I am talking about!

Labels don’t get any cuter than these! Label Circus’ Personalized Everyday labels making labeling fun! No writing involved! You just have to peel and stick. My favorite part is that they are dishwasher and freezer safe! I throw everything in the dishwasher, so this is a huge plus in my book!

We get labels with our last name printed on them and then labels for each kiddo to use throughout the year.

Here are my favorite things to label:

School Supplies
Sports equipment
Eyeglasses Case
Lunch Box
Sleeping Bags
Water Bottles

Get out there and start labeling! Let us know your favorite items to label.

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