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How to Create a Budget Friendly First Communion Party

Personalized First communion invitationFirst Communion is a significant day and you want them to remember it, but you also don’t want to overspend. The good news is throwing a First Communion party doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!!

First, pick your color scheme and that will help the rest of the party come together. Of course, we are partial to stationery over here, but we really recommend starting with the invites, because you can let the colors in the invitations dictate the colors of the party. Chose anywhere from 1-3 colors.

Next, head to your local store and grab a nice banner , balloons, plates, napkins, and tablecloths in those key colors. This will help the whole party feel cohesive and well planned. The good news is you can do this  in a very budget friendly way if you just decide to put your main focus on the cake table setting. I
You can get solid party supplies from Target, Party City or even the Dollar Store , Don't forget  enhancing your table with little party favors ! With your key colors in mind, create a simple favor bag. The Dollar Store, Michael's or Container Store  sells clear cellophane bags and you can fill these with bubbles, chalk, crayons or candy etc. Fill the bags with items that come in packs at the store. Next, to elevate the look of the favor bag add custom name labels to match the invites!

For a beautiful dessert, call up your local grocery store and have them whip up cupcakes in your color scheme. Arrange the cupcakes on a platter in the shape of a cross using two or three cupcakes across both ways. This will be significantly cheaper than going to a bakery and ordering an extravagant cake but will look beautiful and stay within your theme.

Finally, pick out a menu that is elegant, tasty, but goes a long way. Consider doing a “taco bar” with all the fixings. You can cook several crockpots of chicken or beef taco meat and then have all the topping set out. Pro tip: Call your local Mexican food joint and ask them to cater chips and salsa. They will be delicious and is usually very cheap!

Whatever you chose to do, don’t forget to take pictures of this special day! You will cherish them forever.

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