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Trick-or-Treat S’mores

Everyone remembers that one house in their neighborhood that gave out the best candy on Halloween. Why not be that house this year? These little treat bags are a fun, seasonal twist on the traditional s’mores dessert. Sealing the bag with a personalized label makes sure each trick-or-treater will remember your family when they sort through their holiday stash.

What You’ll Need:
clear cello bags
• graham crackers
• mini chocolate bars
• Halloween Peeps
personalized Halloween labels

Step 1. Take one graham cracker and break it in half. Open up your package of Peeps and divide them as necessary. For smaller shapes, two pieces works well. For larger shapes you only need to use one.

Step 2. Place the graham crackers, mini chocolate bar, and Halloween Peeps into the clear cello bag as shown in the photo above.

Step 3. Fold the top of the cello bag down and secure it with a personalized Halloween label.

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