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Personalized Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year chances are you have a never-ending to-do list. All the meal planning, cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking doesn’t leave much time to focus on the little details. But we are here to show you an easy way to create personalized napkin rings that will celebrate your family and add some extra style to your table setting.

What You’ll Need:
scissors or an exacto knife
• kraft paper
personalized Thanksgiving labels
• double-sided tape
• cloth napkins

Step 1. Using scissors or an exacto knife cut out strips of kraft paper that measure 8" x 1 ¾". Cut one strip per place setting.

Step 2. Adhere a personalized label to the center of each strip

Step 3: Apply a small piece of double-sided tape to one end of each strip.

Step 4. Open your cloth napkin flat and then fold it in half. Grab the center of the folded edge with one hand pull it through a circle formed by the thumb and pointer finger of your other hand. About 3 inches down grasp the napkin so it looks like the one shown in the photo above.

Step 5. Wrap your napkin ring around the napkin and press down on the double-sided tape to secure it. Repeat until you have one for every place setting.

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